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12:11am 16/04/2007
  I'm not going to post on here anymore...but I won't delete it for a little while to let people trickle over.

I'm here : ajrecord , come play! :D
04:24pm 13/04/2007
mood: contemplative
From time to time, I look back and reflect on a certain span of time, and then I move on. This is one of those times. Since LJ has not seen fit to allow one to delete all entries at once :) I must move journals. I have had a lot of time to reflect on where I am and where I want to be....and I need a fresh start. So, all who wish to continue on with me are gladly welcome :)

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10:13pm 01/02/2007
  A light in the darkness: NEW HP BOOK, NEW HP MOVIE.....JULY=BESTMONTHEVER

everything else in life is crapping on me right now. Thank god for HP :)
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10:05pm 26/01/2007

I am a d100

Take the quiz at dicepool.com

12:44am 15/01/2007
mood: drained
I'm not an answering machine or a messaging service. Talk to him your freaking self. It isn't my problem. I don't care. I wish you would all just leave me alone.

I wish I could say those things.
Origami boxes   
08:59pm 02/01/2007
mood: bouncy
With Emily as the lovely hand model, I present you with...

Tiny Origami BoxesCollapse )
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Archiving old scribbles....   
11:46pm 17/12/2006
  Where angels fear to tredCollapse )  
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03:07pm 15/12/2006
mood: creative
Well, Gavin and I have been busy decorating for the holidays. Very exciting. We're even going to put lights on the outside of the apartment. I've never actually done that before so....yeah. I'm not sure what I'm doing which means that hilarity will insue. I'll let you know how it goes..and possibly even take pictures.

Gavin was the Kindergartner of the Week this week. This means every day this week he got to bring in or do something special with the class. It's supposed to help them all feel special and learn about different people's lives. I think it's cool and Gavin was so thrilled that it was his turn. Today was Family Friday which meant that I got to go in and do a special activity with the kids. I let Gavin choose since it was his week and he wanted to make cards. So, this morning, armed with card crafting supplies, I helped 21 children make cards for various occasions. It was so much fun. The teacher said it was the first time in awhile that they all stayed on task the whole time. w00t for me and my mad child-charming skillz. :)

And now I must gush and be an annoyingly proud parent :D because I said so. Every week the kids get 3 books to read for the week. They're categorized by level and the kids are to practice every night. They read to the teacher at the beginning of the week and she determines when they go to the next level of books. So, Gavin started off in November when this all began, reading a Level 2 book. Today he brought home a Level 5. He has progressed so quickly it's astonishing! He's already surpassed the goal for the entire year, which is to be at a Level 4 and it's only December. I love listening to him read his books out loud. His sight vocabulary is growing so much every day. It's just really cool :)

Foot still broken. Still annoyed. What else is new? :) But I feel happy right now, so fuck it! Yay for happy.
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03:15pm 02/11/2006
  Gavin has pneumonia. fun.  
01:59pm 14/07/2006
  I'm changing things around. Pardon my dust :D  
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the leaking sink of sentiment   
11:12pm 04/07/2006
mood: curious
When I was in 5th grade I participated in Odyssey of the Mind. I, along with a group of 4 kids from my class entered three categories and placed well in all. Not long after the same group did Science Olympiad and we placed first in our category.

In Middle School, I participated in Power of the Pen, a writing competition. I did this in both 7th and 8th grade and did well.

I can't help but wonder what happened to that person? I was so inquisitive and bright, craving knowledge and experience. Teachers saw that and encouraged me into these competition type atmospheres and I thrived in it. Now I have a hard time even getting myself out of bed in the morning. It's a little ridiculous if you think about it.

In non rambling thoughts, Keighty comes either tomorrow or Thursday!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! And on Thurs night we see Dresdon Dolls with Panic!At the Disco. w00t.
07:15pm 13/05/2006
mood: amused
Yes, I know, I still fail to update two blogs at once, oh well. :P

I have a question that I need opinions on asap. Marcon is coming up and several people have been nudging me to put some of my drawings in the art show. Normally, I would instantly decline, but it might be good for me to do it. Make some new castles, dragons, and that sort of thing, and be proud of them instead of constantly dissapointed in myself.

So, you the LJ-landers and you the MySpacers, I need opinions. Should I go for it?!?
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Wheee fun pic time :D   
05:40pm 27/12/2005
mood: amused
Some pics from the holiday times :D

Under here.....click click time!Collapse )
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09:31pm 28/10/2005
mood: curious
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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